Costruzioni Tecniche Meccaniche has developed an excellent system oriented to Scientific and Technical Research and Experimentation. Its core business is the heating system. The company offers high energy efficiency and low cost solutions in this sector. Its manufacturing system gives the highest product functionality and durability and it gains the customer confidence, because all the CTM products heat up efficiently its customers' home.

Because a good design creates a high quality product, the CTM structure has a Research & Development Department for Design, Technical Analysis, Prototyping and Testing in manufacturing processes.

CTM offers high quality and best efficiency products by solid biomass burning, thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and advanced technologies.



CTM manufacturing system is located in a 20.000 mq new industrial establishment.

The history of its products grows out of fire. CTM has developed an excellent heating system in all its productive aspects.

Starting from powered fireplace, CTM main heat product, today the company is able to produce a wide range of excellent, innovative, manual and automatic multi-fueled generators for its customers and heat business operators.

The whole production starts from an excellent design of products and materials, in order to satisfy both functional and aesthetic requirements.



CTM has developed an excellent customer-orientated system in all its administrative and productive aspects. According to consumer's needs the main goal of the company is to satisfy its customers offering high-quality heat services and products.

CTM improves and supports the updating training of its staff and contractors in order to offer an excellent and innovative service and thanks to the computerization of logistics and management functions it offers an excellent response and service time.

CTM products respect the environment and the world supporting design, functionality, safety and saving.

The company supports both hand-craft and technological aspects: it has developed an excellent product knowledge and proficiency connected to new automated machining system and quality management. CTM is a dynamic and competitive company: industrial innovation, high-quality management system, creativity and passion create the CTM's corporate image.